What is ContraBrand?

In short, it’s a new way of thinking about how you build and manage your brand. Tough times or not, nonprofits have always faced challenges: communicating identity, overcoming skepticism, and building the trust that is essential to effective fundraising are chronic challenges. It’s hard to create stronger, more dynamic, entities when the nonprofit’s ability to make a defensible case for its public value is anemic.

Our Contrabrand articles have, since 2001, helped nonprofits critically reflect on the sector’s ineffective branding culture. Its short, provocative essays give branding a new philosophy. Here are four facts to consider:

  1. People don’t know who you are because “best practices” don’t build effective brands.
  2. If people aren’t talking about you, perhaps you aren’t saying anything worth listening to.
  3. What you know is the starting point for market leadership.
  4. You need to be everywhere audiences ask to be engaged.

The ability to communicate, substantively, what you know is a critical component of the brand your organization needs to create. Understanding the imperative of a content-first strategy will enable managers to execute meaningful change.


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