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The Contrabrand articles are an extension of the advocacy and work of the Knowledge Marketing Group.

Organizations need brands that work, but expect too much from conventional approaches.  You can’t differentiate with sameness or superficiality. Standing out in a cluttered marketplace and being able to engage people in conversation necessitates giving people something to talk about. Do you provide tangible proof of your unique ideas and leadership so your claims are believable?

KMG adds what’s missing to currently incomplete branding processes by building-in proof of thought leadership.  Our mission is to help organizations build leading, sustainable brands by placing their unique knowledge assets — processes, concepts, intellectual property, experience, history, and wisdom — at the core of their marketing communications process.  Since 1999 our content-first strategy been helping organizations clarify and better-articulate who they are and what they know.  This unique advocacy has helped turn organizations that say they are leaders into organizations that are ready to be recognized as leaders.

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